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Our Investments

France Elévateur is the leading French manufacturer of aerial lifts and the leading European manufacturer of aerial lifts for power networks.
Investment Date: 2014
Manager: Stephan Pham
Elaïs has been supporting Stephan Pham in the execution of a transformation plan of France Elévateur which includes the contribution of new management resources, new processes, the rollout of a distribution network in Europe and abroad, a significant reorganization of manufacturing and expansion of after-sale support.

Santé Basque Développement (SBD) is the leading private player in mental health in the South West of France and is now expanding on a national scale.
Investment Date: 2015
Manager: Dr. Olivier Drevon
Elaïs has been supporting SBD in acquiring smaller mental health clinics and transforming them into first class platforms with major real estate renovations and the enrichment of their health services through day care specialties such as (child psychiatry, eating disorders, bipolar disorders, addictions etc.)

Sunaero is the world leading provider of fast leak detection and repair solutions to aircrafts.
Investment Date: 2016
Manager: Jean Roussel
In partnership with its founding shareholders, Elaïs has been supporting the transformation of Sunaero from a manufacturer of technical solutions into a global provider of fast leak detection and repair services to OEMs, airlines and MRO organizations. This strategic project has substantially changed the profile and organization of Sunaero.